Julia Stronach is a professional Makeup Artist with 12 years experience, based in Aberdeenshire. She specialises in providing Luxury Bridal Makeup, as well as Tutoring & Educating.

About Julia


Julia is known for providing beauty based makeup, designed to make each individual look and feel their best. She has years of experience studying facial anatomy, feature positioning allowing her to ‘read’ faces and provide flattering, bespoke makeup looks.

Julia began her career as a self taught artist in 2011, before qualifying in London in 2013. In 2014, she became a full time self employed freelance Makeup Artist & has built her business from there onwards. In 2015, Julia travelled to Los Angeles to train at a more advanced level at an Academy based in Beverly Hills.

Since then she has frequently held masterclasses, and offers training to other makeup artists from all over Scotland. In 2015 Julia also completed training in Bodypainting, SFX & occasion hairstyling. In 2016, Julia travelled to to London to audition for Channel 4 Extreme Makeovers & was featured alongside a chosen handful of artists to showcase her work for the TV show.

In 2019 Julia teamed up with fellow Bridal Makeup Artist Alana McCrae & produced live event The JAM Awards, which was a similar format to The Great British Bake Off – but a ‘Make Off’ where contestants competed in-front of a judging panel to create the best themed looks.

2020 saw Julia’s paperback book ‘Business for Makeup Artists’ launch on Amazon, and iTunes as an audiobook, and also the release of her own cosmetic accessory brand; Jewel Cosmetics.

Currently, Julia employs member of staff Courtney, who manages social media & marketing.

Her main goals are to continue working with fantastic clients, and to grow her brand. You can check out the Jewel Cosmetics range here!