Julia Stronach is a makeup artist based in the north east of Scotland, now in her 10th year working within Professional Makeup.

About Julia

Julia specialises mainly in Bridal Makeup, but is also a highly competent freelance tutor and educator. She has experience in TV, commercial and SFX. Over the years Julia has worked with over 600 bridal parties, locally and internationally.

She says, ‘I apply makeup to my clients to make them look as beautiful as possible. I understand how to disguise not so flattering features, and how to really play up the parts of their faces people love, enabling them to glow from the inside out. I am able to ‘read’ faces in a way that allows me to create bespoke looks, specially designed for that individual person to make them look their absolute best, but still themselves. My makeup is never a one size fits all, and fully suited to what will suit each person the most”.

Last year, Julia published her own personally written book, ‘Business For Makeup Artists’ which is currently available on Amazon in Paperback format, Kindle and on iTunes as an audiobook narrated by US based voiceover Broghanne Jessamine.

This year, Julia also released her own line of products & accessories called Jewel Cosmetics. Her range includes Makeup Brush sets, Makeup Sponges, Makeup Brush Cleaners, False Lashes, and her specially designed 12 pan eyeshadow palette, called ‘Wedding Day’. This contains Julia’s most used shades inspired by brides over the years.

You can check out the range here: JEWEL COSMETICS