Frequently asked questions on makeup services:

Q: Do I need to have a Bridal Trial, even if I am not fussy?

A: Every bridal booking is subject to a trial taking place. I will not be able to carry out my services without having met the client first, and assessed their skin tone, texture and type. The only situation where a trial wouldn’t be required is if you are a regular client and I am already familiar with your skin/features.

Q. Wedding Makeup is more expensive than occasion makeup, why?

A. There is significantly more administration and time invested in bridal bookings compared to regular occasion makeup. There are forms filled in, files created, regular correspondence back and forth, potential changes of dates, venues, party numbers, ceremony times, not to mention the time packing kit, travelling to and from the venue. The two services cannot be compared on an equal price bracket.

Q. Why is there a minimum number for bridal parties at venues?

A. The reason for this is that generally the entire morning, (and often afternoon too, if a later ceremony) gets booked out for a bridal party. It would not be viable to block off half a day or a full day for just 2 people, for example, as no other bookings could be taken. You could book for 2 people, but the minimum price paid would be for 4.

Q. Do my bridesmaids need to have trials too?

A. No, only the bride is required to have a trial. Of course, if a bridesmaid wishes to have a trial due to skin issues, or a prior bad experience elsewhere I would be more than happy to accommodate, however please note I cannot see more than 2 people at my studio at once due to space constraints.

Q. Do you do mobile occasion makeup?

A. Unfortunately the minimum number for call out appointments is 4 people.

Q. Would you travel abroad for a wedding?

A. Yes, I have travelled overseas in the past to provide Bridal Makeup, please get in touch to discuss!

Q. How long does makeup take, and whats the maximum number for one booking?

A. It depends on the look but on average, 45 minutes per full face of makeup. Generally, the maximum number for one booking is 8 people. If there are more than that, I can bring an assistant makeup artist, and accommodate up to 12 people if need be.

Q. Can I buy a voucher for a lesson or occasion makeup?

A. I am not currently offering vouchers for lessons or makeup, because there is no guarantee I will be available when required, due to high volumes of bridal bookings. However, if you know when the recipient would be coming, you are more than welcome to pre book the appointment in advance and ‘gift’ the appointment.

Q. If I decide to cancel, is my deposit refundable?

A. Unfortunately, under no circumstances are deposits returnable. They are also not redeemable against any other services or products. If deposits were refundable, it would be pointless taking them in the first place. The deposit – now called Booking Fee – is what covers business hours spent administering the booking, and also would be a small contribution towards potential lost income from turning other enquiries away for the date, whilst it was held for the initial booking. However please note this does not apply in the rare event of myself having to cancel, in which case the booking fee would be returned.

Q. My mother in law doesn’t wear much makeup usually, will she still be charged the same price as the others?

A. The rate is the same for everyone regardless of the style, look or amount of makeup they wish for. It would be impossible to ‘group’ different makeup applications into different costings. However please note, under 10s are complimentary in bridal parties.

Q. Is it possible to pay up a bridal makeup booking with instalments?

A. Unfortunately this is not possible. After the initial deposit is paid, the remaining balance must be paid in full 7 days prior to the date.

Q. We are having a very early ceremony, do you have a limit as to how early you can start on the day?

A. There’s no time that’s too early, I will arrive as early as need be, no problem at all!